Thursday, 4 December 2008

What a Blur

What a blur the last few days have been. A flurry of photocoping, typing, rolled certificates, cleaning, hair cuts, excitement over new dresses and pleadings for new runners and glasses.

I don't know if I updated from the other day after Miss Mischief's optometrists appointment? She's long sighted like her mother and requires glasses for reading and close up stuff. "Mum, when can we go and pick out my glasses" is her constant plea. She's so excited about the idea! I have a feeling that might be Saturday afternoon's job....along with new runners for Mr Busy who has skidded holes into the bottom of his soles!

I will have a new quilt block to show you after today. More hand piecing :) I've also been meaning to show you my quilting progress of the flannel quilt I've had on the go for 2 years. And of course, I have a few Courthouse Steps completed too. My I have been neglectful, haven't I?!


Cabbage Heart said...

tisk tisk tisk...tis the silly season after all, cant wait to see the flannel quilt!

belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

I will be interested to see if she is so excited by the idea when the reality of wearing glasses, rather than the excitement of buying glasses wears off.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

I'm pretty sure she will actually enjoy the experience, strange as that may seem. That's just the kind of kid she is. That, and her eyes won't sting and ache anymore. She won't know herself.