Sunday, 14 December 2008

Mr Busy's Performance

It seems like all the funny little tales of childhood come from the 8yo boy in our house. The girls have never been quite as imaginative as he. The last time Miss Mischief didn't want to go to school she just asked straight out "can I stay home tomorrow, I don't want to do the class detention ~ I didn't do anything wrong"....mixed with a lot of sobbing and boohoo'ing. First off...silly question for this mum with three 'dabs of mean' installed. Secondly, grit your teeth, suck it up and get on with it girly.

So...Mr Busy's little get-out-of-school effort was quite something to behold. He has had a cold this week. Every morning he has benignly mentioned that he feels sick. "Sorry bud, I think you've just swallowed too much snot overnight. You're going to school". He eats his breakfast, runs around the house like the mad thing he is and races off up the hill at school without a second thought.

Friday was another story.

He moaned and groaned in a way that only someone with a cold can do. I was playing the piano...he crawled into the dining room (where the piano is) and lay on the floor moaning. Oh Please!!!!! He still ate his breakfast and still annoyed his sisters between all this groaning. I sent him to lay down....he couldn't stay there, he just had to keep coming out and trying to make me feel bad for sending him! So off we went....with that pathetic little look on his face of "I just don't want to go and you're so mean and I want you to feel really bad". Poor boy...he so has the wrong mother for that!

At recess time I saw his teacher and asked how he was. "Oh, he doesn't seem sick, he just seems tired....he's been such a grumble bum". Apparently he'd been caught out copying someone elses work (not that it matters much 4 days before the end of school!) and wasn't in a good mood when he got sprung. So we agreed he should stay at school. He was just tired.

On the way home he found his energy. Funny about that!

To top it all off, Dh's sister and her family were here for dinner that night (Mr Busy was oh so fine by then!) and his cousin had managed a day off. I had to laugh. Mr Busy just looked at me with a look that said "he's so lucky".


The Tin House said...

Tracy, this post made me LAUGH right from the bottom of my toes.

Lisa x

Tracy said...

LOL Lisa...he is very good at tickling the funny bone. He's a very entertaining person to have around.

Mind you, I was close to causing bodily damage to him last night. I swapped seats with dh so that he could deal with the bundle of energy in the seat next to me.