Monday, 8 December 2008

Monday's Menus & Tidbits

This week is filled with special little celebrations. It's our wedding anniversary today. It's Dh & his twin's birthday later in the week, and Mum will be staying overnight again one day as well. Lots of good things...lots of things that will have me at home more this week ~ I might even get my dress finished!!!!!!!!

So...our meals may look a bit more dapper than usual, now you know there's a reason!

Monday: Baked Parmesan & Herb Salmon, vegies (the kids are having frozen fish)
Tuesday: Honey Mustard Chicken, vegies
Wednesday: Singapore Noodles
Thursday: Scotch filled with creamy mushroom sauce, vegies (the kids will have chicken with the sauce I think)
Friday: Slow Roasted Pork, vegies, (chicken wings for potentially picky eaters) Chocolate Berry self sauce pudding for dessert
Saturday: Homemade Pizza
Sunday: Soup (we didn't have that this past weekend)

Now before someone looks at all that and decides I'm depriving my children of all the special things....they don't like salmon much but love frozen fish. I bought an 8 pack the other day so there would be 3 pieces left for them. They're very happy. None of them really like beef that much but they will really enjoy the chicken. See....I'm not so mean!


I love it when you go into an Op Shop and discover the very item you had been drooling over in a retail store. As a result you acquire the item at a fraction of its original price. Such was my joy again this week. A beautiful skirt that suits me perfectly was found at Savers last week. I had seen it in Target earlier in the year and desperately wanted to buy it then and there. The fabric was light, but weighty enough to fall beautifully and the detail of the pattern was embroidered flowers, in the same colour as the fabric. Simple, but stunning. I now have the skirt. It fits beautifully, looks great and it only cost me about 1/5 of the retail price :)


Felicity said...

Happy anniversary!! Once I drop a few dress sizes, I can't wait to go prowling through OP shops. Not sure what they have ala plus sizes!

Tracy said...

The Savers shop we went to (I think run by Diabetes Australia) goes way past size 18. Of course, my size is well picked over.