Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Menu Planning

First of all I wanted to say thank to those who have been concerned about my little fall down the stairs the other day. My arm (where I collected the banister) and down my back ribs were a little tender but I seem to be doing OK now. I just have a lovely bruise on my arm. The girls got to and scrubbed the steps on Saturday so hopefully none of us will repeat the performance!

I'm sure, like everyone else, there are elaborate plans for special meals going on this week. My family are coming here on Christmas Eve, so I have more pavlova to make and I think I figured out that I'm just doing meat aside from that ~ Mum will bring and take care of the vegies. But oh what a week we need to fit into three days LOL. My biggest dilemma is where to put Mr Busy while my parents are staying with us. He usually sleeps in the room that now has a Christmas tree standing rather proudly....and taking up a significant amount of space!

In any plans. We have kids on holidays, and Dh as well for a few weeks now so somehow I think I should be planning lunches too!

Monday: Out for dinner
Tuesday: Honey Soy Chicken, brown rice, stir fried vegies
Christmas Eve: Stuffed Pork, roast chicken, glazed ham, vegies
Desserts: pavlova, chocolate tart, fruit mince pies
Christmas Day: Leftovers at my brother's place
Friday: Hamburgers, bbq'd potato cubes
Saturday: Roast Chicken, vegies (leftover meat for sandwiches)
Sunday: Marinated chicken wings, salad, bbq'd potato

I'm going to take my camera out later today and gather some pictures of the vegie garden. Quite a few people have commented about forgetting we're in summer here and that we're into peak growing season. That'll give me a good reason to do some more weeding won't it!

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