Saturday, 6 December 2008

Those Proud Moments

It took so much preparation and now it's all over. Year Six Graduation. We had the most precious night on Thursday night celebrating with our Year 6's. Specifically...MY Year 6!!!!! What a poised, confident young lady, with a sparkle in her eyes and more energy than I can imagine Miss Sunshine was that night. Well...she always is, but Thursday night just had her shining. We had The Dress and we borrowed this hairstyle from She Does Hair.

Each student delivered their third and final Toastmasters Speech and they all did magnificently. I couldn't have been more proud... of all of them. Some of the kids performed musical items, poems, a couple of dances. Their character, personality and creativeness were highlighted all the way through.

At the end of the night I had the privilege of handing them their Toastmaster certificate while one of the 5/6 teachers handed them their graduation certificate.

The Year 6's celebrated yesterday with a morning at an indoor pool and then lunch & shopping at the shopping centre across the way. Poor Miss Sunshine was so tired that she asked her teacher if she could go home with me instead of returning on the bus. Not one to miss all the fun, no matter what, I knew she was tired when she requested that I put her to bed and leave her at home while I picked the other two up from school.

I had a moment yesterday morning where I had to walk away from my baby girl who is almost all grown up. Tears in my eyes and the very real awareness that the end of Year 12 is only a short six years away. In that moment she will be a grown up with the world before her, as prepared for life ahead as any 18yo will be. Knowing how quickly her seven years of primary schooling has flown, I know that day is ahead and will be upon us before I realise where the years between went.


Cabbage Heart said...

time flies...cherish each and every moment.

Tracy said...

The older I get the more I realise the truth of that Cabbage Heart. Time is flying all too fast.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hurray, Miss Sunshine! And yes, time goes so fast, but it isn't wonderful to watch our children discover their talents and passions? And then still need us to take them home and tuck them in?


Tracy said...

Frances, that is it exactly. I guess that truly is the beauty of children who take their independence upon themselves one step at a time. I don't tuck her in very often, but I loved doing it on Friday!