Monday, 1 September 2008

Monday Menus In Spring

Today is the first day of Spring. It began with a beautiful splash of sunshine. Deceptive sunshine though. It looked beautiful, but there was no warmth in it, thanks to the Antarctic breeze that blew up! PE outside with the Prep-2's this morning left my nose feeling like ice!

So what's on our table this week? Good question!!!!

Monday: Sweet & Sour Chicken, brown rice
Tuesday: Singapore Noodles
Wednesday: Orange & Honey Chicken, potatoes, vegies
Thursday: Pasta with vegie Sauce
Friday: Lasagna (a carry over from last week), salad
Saturday: Tuna & Rice Casserole
Sunday: Homemade Pizza (including a lesson for Miss Sunshine)

Inspired by 'Little House on the Prairie' (we're busy enjoying the newly released Season 3!), I bought green beans and sweet corn last week. Oh how we've enjoyed that corn! I've included the husks in the cooking water and this has resulted in extra sweet corn. Mmmmmmm. We'll also be having our first salad of the season on Friday night. Mostly because I want to freeze half that lasagna and I need to make it go a little further somehow! Salads are something reserved for the hot summer months, in our home. By the end of summer we're more than a little tired of them and they are set aside as soon as it is cool enough to cook our vegies again!


Anonymous said...

Sounds delish, as ever Tracy! I'm so glad that Spring is coming to you. I am a teensy bit jealous though, as the leaves begin to turn here and the nights begin to draw in for Autumn. Enjoy!

love, Tina :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I've never heard of cooking ears of corn in their husks to make it sweeter. I'll try that!

It's the end of summer here, and I'm definitely burnt out on salad, though never on tomatoes!

Enjoy "Little House"! I've been re-reading the books, which are so wonderful. Makes me want to be a pioneer!


Aprille Roberts said...

Tracy, it is so wild to me to think that you are having your first day of spring there, as we are beginning our fall here (almost).

I have also never heard of cooking the corn in the husks to make them sweeter. I'm all about making the corn sweeter - yummy!

As I have stated before, we are Little House fans here at this house, but I have never actually read the books. My mom is a big fan too, and she got to go visit Laura Ingalls Wilder's home, and she brought me back a really cute spoon (I collect spoons from all over), and it has a little house dangling in a circle at the top of the handle. I think it's really cute!

I hope you have a wonderful spring Tracy!

Much love,
Aprille :0)

The Tin House said...

Tracy, I don't mind the odd bit of salad in winter, but I'm with you on the steamed/hot/buttered vegies. YUM. I thought of you on the weekend while I was in Big W and saw a boxed set of little house on the prairie dvd's. (It was season two I think). And regarding the pizza lesson...courtesy of making pizza with me a few weeks ago, Master 8 years has now decided he wants to be a chef! Lisa x

Tracy said...

I have but one episode left of season 3 to watch. I've been watching them when the kids have been at of course, they'll need to have a chance to see them all. So I'll have to re-watch. What a shame! Miss Mischief has the full set of books, and I plan to read those as soon as I get my backlog of reading out of the way. Christmas holidays may be when that happens LOL.

I take the husks off the corn and throw them in the water so as not to burn myself trying to do if when the corn is hot. I've never tasted better corn.

April, I would LOVE to do something like that. Spend a week at Walnut Grove and live like a pioneer. Oh I was so born in the wrong era!

Lisa, lucky lucky you! I'm sure he'll grow up to enjoy cooking thanks to his inspiring mother!