Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Moments of Pure Bliss

There are many times when Mum's, no matter how much we adore our children and being mothers, just really need a break. Being a Mum is a full time 24 hours a day, 356 days a year job. You don't get a holiday, although everyone in the house being asleep could be deemed such.

A weekend away is the absolutely most perfect little break I think a person could wish for! All you need is a small group of very precious friends and a place to be. For me, that was three other very like-minded, most precious gems of women that I have the privilege of calling 'friend'. We sewed, knitted, scrapbooked, read.....ate, slept (not so much!), ate, watched DVD's, ate, walked on the beach, ate. You get the picture. We were oh so tempted to stay another day. We had enough food to last us, after all!

I realised in the car on the way home, as Miss Mischief was dibber dobbing about something Dh had done, that for two days I found the normal woman beneath the meany mother! I had absolutely nothing to frustrate me and no reason to feel cranky. I was able to just be the person I really am! Now that is something I intend to keep in the forefront of my mind as we have school holidays and the requests for food and something to do will be non-stop!

Gals, do you think maybe six monthly would be too often?!!!!!


Rel said...

You are on, Trac :) Just loved spending time with some of my dearest friends.


Tracie said...

6 monthly isn't often enough...

Tracie xx

Tracy said...

Rel, we'll have to have that 'retreat' chat and decide when we do this again?!

Tracie, if it were up to me it would be more often too. It was just such a great time. However, between four household's schedule and being considerate of my husband I'm figuring twice a year might be the best compromise. Besides....I don't want to look tooooo desperate!

fmll said...

Totally not often enough!!

As you know, I have no kids but I sure can use any excuse for just some girl time with my dearest friends. Bless them.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend! It's great to get out of mommy-mode from time to time, especially when it means hanging out at the beach with good friends. I think taking a break makes us better moms in the long run, I honestly do. Hmmm ... maybe I need to get away myself!


fi said...

Six monthly sounds great to me Tracy!!! I am so there, lol. I am incredibly blessed to have girlfriends like you!!

On another note, I finally tried the 'vegetable rolls'! My 5yr old and 2yr old had seconds and would have had thirds had there been any left. Even my bean loather had seconds. To say they were a hit would be an understatement!! Definitely a menu regular from now on, especially since I have the pastry sorted now (too many helpers, lol). Economical and nutritious, you truly are a star Tracy!

Amazing dinner Sat night too!!

Tracy said...

That's great Fi. See...those evil beanies are so well hidden!!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with you gals...and eating stuff I don't get to have at home!

The Tin House said...

Tracy, I'm so envious. It's been literally years since I had even one night away from children.

The real me is there, but she's pretty well hidden!

Lisa x

Tracy said...

Lisa, you need to get her out. Even if you just start with a day and work your way up to a night...and then two.

Of course, you need a girlfriend or two to make it extra special ;)