Monday, 15 September 2008

Monday is Menu Day

Can you believe it? It is the last week of Term 3 here in Victoria. In just 11 or so more school weeks the year will have come to an end with the flourish that is Term 4!!!!

This week for me seems to be all about food! On Saturday we baked choccy bikkies for Miss Mischief to take to school for a lunch time party for her teacher, who is marrying on Saturday. Yesterday I had to figure out what to cook without power....such is life in the hills on a windy day. This morning I was up early making mini quiches for Miss Sunshine to take for the aforementioned lunch. Miss Mischief was terribly concerned about lunch, should the party not happen. I told her that between them both, they would at least have quiche & biscuits for lunch!!!!!

On Friday I'm headed off for a weekend with some girlfriends. Ohhhhh I can't wait!!!!!! I have been nominated to organise Saturday night dinner. Oh the pressure! I'm not normally a people pleaser type of person, but in this instance I want my friends to enjoy every single little bite! I have a plan for a meal that I can't get away with at home that includes couscous and nuts (not in the same course!). I would imagine couscous wouldn't rate highly in their homes either.

And finally, I am preparing dinner for the staff at school for Thursday night, where they will be on deck until around 9pm for parent teacher interviews. It's just a simple meal of baked chicken pieces, salads and homemade dinner rolls, but I hope it in some way conveys the deep appreciation I have for the efforts they put into the children entrusted to them.

So....what does the rest of the week looks like at our table?

Monday: Ricotta Herb Fritters, potato wedges, vegies
Tuesday: Meatloaf, vegies (Miss Sunshine out)
Wednesday: Apricot Chicken, mashed potatoes, vegies
Thursday: Staff Dinner ~ honey orange chicken, green salad, roasted veg salad, potato salad
(girls out, Dh & Mr Busy will have skimmings from the above and I will eat at school)
Friday: leftover lasagna, salad (take away or something for me)
Saturday: Dh can have more l/o's while the kids are out
Sunday: Chinese Corn Soup & maybe something like dim sims or roast pork buns


Left-Handed Housewife said...

It sounds like your girlfriend weekend is coming in the nick of time. You've had a lot going on lately!

And choccy bikkies would be ...?

Your American readers are dying to know.


Dianne said...


It sounds like you have your work cut out for you this week. I love reading about your meal seem to put so much heart into it.

I hope your have an enjoyable weekend with your girlfriends and that they appreciate all the effort that you have put into their meal together! Have fun!

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Tracy said...

Dianne, it's about time I popped over to catch up so I will do that in just a tic. I've opened a new tab to remind myself.

Frances, choccy bikkies are chocolate cookies in other parts of the world. Over here we're very good at shortening lots of words.

choccy = chocolate
bikkie = biscuit = cookie

Your biscuit is very similar to our scones (pronouned sk-on, not sk-own).

Clear as mud? LOL

Rel said...

Woo hoo!!! We will love every bite of your lovingly made dinner, Trac :) Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

Tracy said...

Now that just seems like our current mantra....can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. I'm glad there are others in the world who are excited by the same things!!!!!