Thursday, 25 September 2008

Another Bloggy Break

This weekend we're going to be rather taken up with visiting and I doubt I'll make it to the computer. But I'll be back to blogging on Monday!

I've been madly organising a couple of little stitching projects for the weekend. Besides the fact that it's more sociable than blogging or reading, the AFL grand final is on Saturday. One word ~ B O R I N G. I'm not a footy fan. Stitching will enable me to endure an afternoon of wishing I could watch the grass grow instead! Both projects will end up being Christmas gifts. The little 'Wren's Nest' project I mentioned the other day has been put together and just needs the embroidery to be done. I'm also going to do the 'Fruit of the Spirit' stitchery again for my SIL, since she fell about all over the place in admiration when I was doing it earlier in the year!

We are now the proud pet-sitters of a little birdy and a little bunny. Featherfruit and Mischief have come to our place for a holiday whilst their family has headed off to Queensland for 3 weeks. I hope we can keep them alive. They tell us it's really easy and just keep their food and water containers filled. I dunno...they haven't remembered how I can kill ivy, daisies and lavender! I'm sure I've told them! We'll also be visiting their chooks to top up food & water and retrieve eggs :)

Despite my lack of pet appreciation, it is kinda nice to listen to Featherfruit chirp away. It has me wondering though, what on earth is the purpose of pets that don't desire human contact?!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

We have a beta fish swimming by its lonely self all day in a bowl ... and yes, I wonder what's the point? The boys wanted it, of course, not that they pay any attention to it now. It's pretty, but I don't get much love from it, that's for sure!

Have a good break. I'm going out of town day after tomorrow and will be gone til Tuesday. I'll come by for a visit then.


salina said...

This is my first time at your blog. It is very lovely. I will be back to visit again. Have a great day.

Tracy said...

Frances, a fish I can kind of understand. You're not meant to cuddle them. But a rabbit you can't get near?! That befuddles me.

Salina, welcome. I hope you stop by again :)