Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Off to the Fair

The Science Fair that is. To see the final product of all the bits and pieces that have been hanging around the girls' classrooms for the last month! Until now it has looked like a pile of recyclable rubbish....but I am assured that it is all productive and not rubbish at all. In fact, all those bits and pieces and piles of stuff are actually useful, working inventions! I could've fooled me!

You know what? I can't wait until this general studies unit is over. It has been a brain teasing, mind bending unit for us at home as well as at school. It will be three or four years before Mr Busy comes across this in his 5/6 years and I'm so glad it has to wait that long! The girls' homework this fortnight has been to invent a musical instrument (at home!!!), write a report with specific criteria and then write a piece of music that goes for a minute. Oh. My. Goodness. Talk about overwhelming. I'm a proficient musician and I wouldn't dream of trying to write a piece of music. I told the girls they only needed 60 notes and make sure the tempo is at 60. Don't make that tempo the comfortable 70-80 that I tend to'll get to the end too fast!

As for the day so far. Potatoes are cooked. Roasted vegetable salad is roasted. Chicken is marinating. I'm well under control for dinner on Thursday night. I had a friend pop in and sit across the bench and chat with me while I chopped and baked. That was a nice way to distract me from cutting up 3 pumpkins LOL. I even got the floors mopped and a loo scrubbed. How's that for productive!!!!! I need to vacuum and have lunch before 1.30pm. I reckon I could manage that in an hour. The sunshine is beckoning me outside to turn over the vegie garden bed though.......

Mum and Dad are arriving this arvo for a quick overnighter. I'm an Aunty again to another precious big baby boy, thanks to the older of my two brothers and his amazing wife. We will pop down there on Friday. The kids have the day off and we'll have time to spend then. Miss Sunshine was doing the figuring this morning. Thirteen cousins in Daddy's family. Four full cousins and two step cousins in Mummy's family.


The Tin House said...

Tracy, I'm also no fan of bulk pumpkin chopping! Nice to have some company. Congrats on your Auntydom. My new nephew, George, is coming to visit in December. Can't wait! Lisa x

Dianne said...

I can't imagine having to write music but then I not proficient in that sphere of learning.

You make all that work seem as if it were nothing no matter whether you had someone to help keep you company or not. I listen to you and a few other bloggers describe how much you get done in a day (my daughter, Terri included) and I get discouraged because I just don't.

Don't take me wrong, your writing nor your blog discourages slowness discourages me because once I could get all that stuff done in a day plus hold down a full time job besides. What discourages me is I just can't seem to get the same amount of energy out of this old body anymore.

Your meal plans sound wonderful.

Enjoy the science fair and your visit with family.



Tracy said...

Dianne you should probably know, then, that it's been over a month since I vacuumed (which did get done before I went out btw), and I'd been looking the wood floors for three months thinking "I really must mop this week....". So whilst it may look from this posts point of view that I get through a lot, those days are not that frequent. I'm cramming a lot in to this week.

In any case, I'd like to think that when my kids are grown that I will have earned the right to slow down and just live at the pace my body needs to live at.