Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's Been Decided....

Oh the things we parents do! I am joining the Year 2's for their inaugural foray into the world of school camps ~ a sleepover at school. On Friday night :( I'm going to have to miss out on Book club for this!!!!!!

Mr Busy was quite adamant that he would NOT be going. I was equally determined that this was not optional and given that in Year 3 they do a two night camp that this is good practice. So we had ourselves a chat. It seems that he's nervous about sleeping over. I have explained that there are at least two other boys in his class that I know of, that also wear 'Dri-nites' pants to bed. Turns out he's petrified of the fact that the toilets are outside and such a long way away. Yes, because the other side of the classroom next door is completely unreasonable!!!!! In any case, when I asked what would make him feel comfortable about staying, he decided that having one of us stay as well would be just fine, thank you.

First of all, he thought that Mummy and Daddy could both stay. The girls will be at a sleepover for Girl's Brigade, so it was do-able! Then he consented to allow just me. Daddy is excited over the prospect of a night to himself and Mr Busy is happily excited about sleeping at school. Me? may not be as much fun as the 5/6 camp I went on earlier in the year and there are quite a number of nervous-nelly types in this group....but I'm sure I'll enjoy it, nonetheless. Even if I am going to miss out on book club for it.


fmll said...

And these are the things that are never explained to you before you become a parent!

Sounds like an interesting Friday night :D

The Tin House said...

Tracy - just make sure you take loads of chocolate! (some for the children too I suppose).

Lisa x

belinda said...

Good Luck Tracy,

Just make sure you invest, or borrow, a really good camp bed/mattress. Missing book club will be sacrifice enough.. last thing you need is to not be able to move for the entire weekend.

Kind Regards

Rel said...

Boo hoo! We are going to miss you at Book Club :(

Tracy said...

Oh no chocolate! Especially not for the kids LOL. They won't need any help in the hyperactivity department!

Belinda, being warm enough is more of an issue to me than the mattress. In any case, Mum & Dad's stretcher beds are here so we'll nick the mattresses off those.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Very strange--I left a comment yesterday, but it didn't "take." Just wanted to say you're a great mom for doing this, and I hope you have a great time! And I do hope you'll give us a full report!