Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Birthday Plans

The plans are made and the invitations have gone off to school! Miss Mischief is very excited and I personally think she has every right to be. She has made some fabulous plans...all her own with very little editing on my part. This is an extraordinarily rare thing in our house LOL. There will be Yum Cha at a restaurant and then full-on meals that are all exciting to kids, for the next 24 hours LOL. It'll be the three P's. Pasta, Pancakes and Pizza! That, and the watching of 'Anne of Green Gables'. Ahhhh....this girl is my kind of girl!

Mr Busy and Miss Sunshine's reactions? "Mum, can I invite a friend to come over for me?". You gotta laugh. Nope, you get to just join in the fun with all the girls. Just as well Mr Busy isn't opposed to pink or dolls or any other stereotypical girl stuff!

So there you have it. Even I, the party-phobic mother, am excited about a birthday party which includes sleeping over and predominantly being at home. Two things I swore I would never again attempt!


john said...

Hi Tracy,

Children's parties seem a lot like having puppies ... you need to be a children person like you need to be a puppy person.

Your love for your children really shines through in your posts.

I have decided to get the puppy and at the moment HER name is Raney, short of Ranelagh where I have moved to, but if anyone else has any better suggestions, I am all ears.


Tracy said...

John that has long been my dilemma! I am not such a children person that birthday parties are something I even remotely enjoy. I live in fear of them! I am a children person enough to love my own children to death. And I think their friends are very special people too.

I think Raney is a pretty good name for a girl puppy. I can't come up with a better name than that!!!

Tina ♥ said...

Tracy...I take my hat off to you...after many years of sleepovers/parties...the colour drains from my face at the mere mention of it! Now I have umpteen teenagers it is actually easier! Any visiting friends sleep til noon! lol

love, Tina :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have never tried the sleepover party ... and I don't think I ever will. One friend for a sleepover is fine, but the thought of more than one makes my brain seize up.

Ah, but a group of quiet girls eating pizza and watching Anne of Green Gables--I have to say that's a lovely thought, and I hope it's a wonderful party!


Tracy said...

Oh if it was any other children apart from the three she's selected we wouldn't be doing a sleepover with more than one at a time either! Miss Sunshine will probably never have three kids sleep over at once because her choice of kids would be a nightmare going somewhere to happen!

We haven't had the tradition birthday party at our place for many many years. I don't think Mr Busy has ever had one for himself!