Sunday, 7 September 2008

Father's Day

In Australia today is Father's Day. Dh was showered with gifts that the kids had made at school or bought at the Father's Day stall on Friday. We then had pancakes for breakfast. Some of us had jam, some of us had lemon and sugar....then we were off to church.

We had the Fair Pay Commission Chairman join us and speak at church this morning. His sermon ended with the devastating story of a father and son who went fishing after the son had pestered his Dad for a long time. In his diary that day the son wrote "Went fishing with my Dad. It was the most glorious day of my life". Years later the son found his father's diary. On that same day the Dad had written "Went fishing with my son. A waste of a day". Oh how I pray that we never feel that way about our children.

I hope all you Aussie families enjoy your Father's Day, spending time with your precious families.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

That is a devastating story, and a good message to hear from time to time. I think sometimes we can forget how important we are to our children, that the things we do with them--or don't do--really matter to them!

Glad you all had a nice Father's Day! Ours is in June, and always enjoyable.