Monday, 8 September 2008

Monday Menu Planning in Spring!

We enjoyed our Father's Day immensely! Dh & I both phoned our Dad's after church. We ended up having dinner at Dh's oldest brother's place, along with his Dad & step-mum. It was good to see them...they've just returned from a trip to the US to spend some time with Dh's 'other brother'. So it was good to hear tales of their trip and news from BIL's family.

I'm looking forward to a different week this week. No Year 5/6 Art. But morning tea with the art teacher on Wednesday instead. And lunch with a friend....always a good thing to do :)

This week our menu looks like this:

Monday: Forbidden City Chicken, potatoes, vegies
Tuesday: Cajun Chorizo Oven Rice
Wednesday: Moussaka, steamed vegies
Thursday: Sweet Apple Pork Chops, mashed potatoes, vegies
Friday: Ricotta Gnocchi with Tomato Pesto
Saturday: Minestrone Soup & h/m dinner rolls
Sunday: Homemade Fish & Chips (a la Aldi's freezer!)

How's your menu looking??!!


Rachel said...

glad you had a wonderful fathers day =)

Rel said...

Menu? What's a menu?????!!!!!

Tracy said...

LOL's this bit of paper than hangs around my place, telling me what to cook. It's the best piece of paper I own!!!!!