Monday, 29 September 2008

Book Reviews

I have neglected my book review posts here! My dear friend Rel has had me reading and reviewing for her of late and all the reviews have now been posted. I think I mentioned 'The Moon in the Mango Tree' when it went up, but have been terribly slack with the others!

Rel is very organised and she has a label just for me, so if you click here you'll find all the reviews I've done will pop up without you having to try and find them. Isn't she wonderful!?!!!

Apparently there is another bunch of books being prepared for me so I'm going to work on my own TBR pile while I have the chance LOL.


Rel said...

How does 7 more sound?!

I have received Pamela's interview back too and will have it up this week. I know you will enjoy it, especially as you contributed to many of the questions :)

Tracy said...

Seven more sounds good! I'm back to reading a book a day with school hoidays and this term will be less busy so I'm sure I'll manage a better reading rate (1 book in 2 weeks is frustrating to me LOL)!

Can't wait to see Pamela's interview. I soooo loved that book!

Aprille Roberts said...

I so hope that one day you will be doing a review on my book! That would be so cool! :0)


Tracy said...

I would love to do that April. That would be oh so exciting to me!!!!!