Thursday, 25 September 2008

Spring has Sprung

One of the true pleasures of buying the house we live in now is that only two months after moving in things started happening. Bulbs popped their heads up and we watched with anticipation to see what they were! Daffodils, Jonquils, stunningly deep burgundy tulips. I'd never planted tulips before, but here they are! The trees that had been dormant over winter started to bud. What a treat! The above picture is a tree in our front yard. Some weeping form of something or other that is awash with white blossoms right now!

The picture below was taken on my phone so it really doesn't do justice to the view. This paddock is one that we pass every day to and from school. One day we looked over and were amazed at the vast expanse of beautiful hues. The paddock sweeps up towards a house at the top of the rise and the whole area is just filled with all my favourite colours. They might by hyacinths I think. I've not gotten close enough to see. It is private property after all, and I'm a rule follower!


Rel said...

LOL!! You and me both, Trac! We need a bit more of Fi in us - hehehe!

Aprille Roberts said...

So beautiful Tracy! Fall is my favorite season, but spring is nearly tied with it because of all of the beautiful colors! Tulips and daffodils are what I am crazy about. When I lived in Nashville, TN, there is a place called Music Row where I used to work, and every spring they plant tulips all over the place outside of all of the recording companies and studios. It's just beautiful! I just went through and took pictures of all the lovely flowers one day. Maybe I'll post sometime and show them! Thanks for sharing these pics!

Aprille :0)

Tracy said...

Rel, I think you're right!!!

Aprille, I just drove past Tesselaar's yesterday ~ a big tulip farm that hosts a festival each spring. You would love their fields of tulips in every shade imaginable.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I wish I passed that paddock every day on our way to school. Break the rules, I say, and find out whether or not they're hyacinths!


fi said...

LOL!!!! I am with Frances, break the rules and find out what they are!

Chookie said...

The tree in your front yard looks like a weeping cherry, going by the bark.

I reckon you should visit your neighbours via the paddock. Take some of your cooking with you and tell them it's a thankyou for the view!