Thursday, 18 September 2008

Guess What Dad Made?

Isn't my Dad just the absolute best?! I've been complaining about how cluttered my bookshelf is and how I'm struggling to find room for all the books I gather along the way throughout a year. So he started asking questions. The result of all those questions is a custom built bookshelf just for the little corner that was otherwise empty!

On Tuesday when Mum phoned to say "You're an Aunty, can we come and stay overnight tomorrow" the carrot she dangled before me was "we'll bring your bookshelf with us". Just so we're clear, no carrot-dangling is ever required. We're happy for them to come and stay whenever. However, as you can see I have wasted no time in moving some books over and arranging them alphabetically by author. The lying down stack is my TBR pile, should I ever reach the bottom of it!

Oh yes, it takes very little to keep me happy!!!!!

The Science Fair was really very good. The kids came up with some really useful inventions and some obscure inventions and some funny things as well. I was in Miss Sunshine's class for individual presentations of inventions and so had to miss out on Miss Mischief's. I am still heartbroken that I was forced to have to choose like that. However, I hugged her, kissed her, apologised to her and asked for a detailed report of how she thinks she went. I'll have a chat with Mrs K tonight and see what she thought.

Miss Sunshine's invention was a tea bag hook/dunker thingymajig. Mr W thinks a larger version could be useful for dunking teachers. I happen to think that it could be the perfect disciplinary tool for teachers to use on students. Such is the wicked and sadistic nature bestowed upon me by my Mother! Of course, on a 40C day, it could also be the perfect reward for students who deserve it.

Miss Mischief's Cat Oasis will be put to the test at Mrs K's house, on her cat. We shall see if the cat stays in!!!!!

Enough from me. Chicken needs basting and bread rolls need checking. The girls are being fed by some friends before they take them to Girls Brigade. I'll cook some pasta to take with the sauce my Mum made yesterday for the 'men' of the house to have when I drop Mr Busy at the shop. And I will eat at school. YESSSSS the plan has been sorted out LOL. You gotta love a well-orchestrated plan that is finely tuned!


Rel said...

Love a good bookshelf!!!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I was just thinking the other day I'd love to have bookshelves built for various nooks and crannies. Jack and I both read all the time, and there are stacks of homeless books everywhere.

Glad the science fair went well. I'd like to see the tea bag hook/dunker thingy! You ought to copyright that name.