Friday, 5 September 2008

Friday Catch Up

So much happens in such a short space of time around our place!

I had my monthly quilt class on Wednesday night. I will post a photo of this month's project and homework. It's all about handpiecing this time and I'm working on a good and useful callous on my middle finger. I hate thimbles ~ they're so cumbersome and I've never mastered to the use of them!


The girls are off on their sleepover. We wizzed in, gathered their bits and pieces, shoveled in some popcorn and ran back out the door again. They're very excited. A dinner a McDonald's, spending money for the little shop and an evening of very interesting activities. I'll tell you more tomorrow when I get a report on the night! I've instructed them to sleep near a grown up if they want to actually sleep!


Today was my last week of helping in Year 5/6 Art. The little abstract sewing pieces they have worked on are displayed in the school office and look magnificent. I'm looking forward to having my Friday's back...but I have really enjoyed a different perspective of our primary school and what the kids get up to! The art teacher is taking me out for morning tea next Wednesday to say thank you. I should've offered to help with art before now if that is my reward LOL. I also got paid with two wooden cotton reels. You don't get wooden reels anymore so I was very excited. Much to the bemusement of the kids, none of whom understand such precious gems from the past!


Mr Busy and I are all packed and ready for tonight. I'll let you know how it goes!

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Rachel said...

can't wait to see your project!

Have a great day =)