Monday, 29 September 2008

Menus and Wonderful Weekends

I'm all set for a week of vegetables, fruit and wholemeal bread!!!!! A weekend deviating from our normal standard diet has left me feeling a little deprived.

So...since we skipped the homemade pizza and had bacon wrapped chicken last night and we missed a few meals because of the weekend I think this might be what we'll eat....

Monday: Homemade pizza
Tuesday: Gnocchi with Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce
Wednesday: Roast (whatever's cheaper)
Thursday: Herbed Ricotta Fritters, vegies
Friday: Yum Cha lunch / Homemade Pasta & bolognaise sauce for dinner
Saturday: Vegie Soup, homemade dinner rolls
Sunday: Honey & Orange Chicken, jacket potato, salad


Wonderful Weekends...

This weekend saw us visiting with good friends who moved to Shepparton. It's a country town in the central north of the State. The town's parks and gardens have these cows. Lots of different cows. Footy colours, Aussie flags, Aboriginal paintings, there's a brown cow with the words 'How Now' on it! I kinda like this one. If you want to see more of them you can browse here. It's all very imaginative!

We also went and visited SPC, otherwise known as Shepparton Preserving Company. SPC is a well know brand in Australia for tinned fruit & vegies, tinned spaghetti & baked beans etc. Jam at 90c a jar, rather than the $3+ in the supermarket was a worthwhile buy. As was the brand of bread flour we use at $5 off supermarket prices.

And we enjoyed spending time with our friends, whom we hadn't seen in 6 months. It was good to see them happy and settled where they are and yet it was surreal. So many things the same (we knew exactly where to look for the bandaids!) and yet so many things different. A different church family and new friends. Somehow I think our friendship will remain firm and strong despite the distance. We have lived and experienced too much together....not to mention 12 years of camping and seeing each other in PJ's LOL.

The rabbit and bird are still alive and the guy who popped in to check on them also mowed the lawns. What a lovely surprise!

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Rel said...

Great to hear you had a lovely time and that they are doing well :)