Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Head in the Clouds

I've mentioned that I've been helping in my daughters art classes for the last....many weeks! I've had an absolute ball and truly that has been thanks enough. However, the Primary art teacher likes to thank her parent helpers in very fine style. This morning she took me out for morning tea to Cloud Hill Nursery. Oh what a beautiful place it is!

Picture this if you will (you Melbournian's will be able to picture this very well!) ~ a perfectly beautiful Spring day with brilliant sunshine, blue skies and just one or two puffs of cloud. The drive to Cloud Hill, in the Dandenong Ranges is a beautiful drive through natural forest and pretty flowering camellias and rhododendrons. The restaurant at Cloud Hill overlooks stunning gardens and out over to hills in the distance. We didn't end up walking around the gardens, because we were too busy chatting!

And what did we eat? A piece of chocolate torte each, mine with a cup of tea served in a single serve cast iron tea pot.

How do you top off the perfect spring day? You dash home to hang out some washing which will actually dry outside and then you head off and have lunch with a couple of friends.

What could be better?


The Tin House said...

Tracy, very late last night while reading your last two posts, I wrote a rather long winded little comment about various things and then decided not to post it.

What I was trying to say, was that I am in awe of your kindness and intuition and I'm glad you had such a special treat - chocolate torte sounds wicked indeed.

Lisa x

Tracy said...

Lisa compliments will get a long way LOL. Thank you for your generous comments.

That torte was rather special ;)

belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for the heads up on Cloudhill it looks like it would make a lovely spring day out.

Very fitting reward for your diligent help in the classroom, its wonderful that they realise they are blessed to have you there.

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy and everyone else.

Ummm, very reluctant sort of poster ... read all your stuff ... sort of a bit anxious to to even chat with with you. Just started my own blog called downthehuon ... moved from Sydney to Tasmania to get away from Sydney and a bad relationship ...plan is to live the sustainable life ... onmy own ... been reading allthe wonderfulthings you do and wondering if a a bloke can do them all ... not all that sure ... the decisionto go to Ranelagh ... down the Huon as everyone tells me here in tasmania ... is a pretty big one, but I like it so far ... enjoying the silence of the night until Phillip Adams comes on in about 10 minutes ...

I think I shall be borrowing a lot from you all ... wellin the kitchen maybe ... once the garden gets up and running ... knitting and sewing, ... that's another number.

Thanks for the inspiration ... only time will tell if I am up to it.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

What a lovely thing for the art teacher to do! Very fine style indeed. Of course, you are most deserving, what with all the time you give.

It's fun to read about spring days as we here are heading into fall. I feel as though I get to enjoy my two favorite seasons at once!

Tracy said...

Thank you all for your encouraging and flattering comments!

John, welcome! I had no idea that the men of the world might be interested in my little bit of the blogland. I'll be checking in at your blog to see how you're doing with your 'Tree Change'. Tassie is a stunningly beautiful place, and really nice people come from there (can you tell I have Tasmanian roots LOL). I'm sure in not too much time you will have carved out a peaceful serene life and will feel at home in your community. Schools are great places to get that going quickly!

Dianne said...

It sounds like you had a marvelous time and I love your descriptive sounds so romantic and I can invision your time there. Thanks for sharing.