Saturday, 30 August 2008

Rock Cakes and Weekends

Don't you just love Friday's? The only thing better is Saturday! Dh & Mr Busy are outside right now mowing the lawns...YAY! The kids can go outside and play now that the jungle has been slashed back to normal! I think I need to prune my apple trees today too...before they start budding!

Back to Friday's though. In our house, Friday means staying up late to watch 'Better Homes & Gardens'. Last night everyone was in the mood for something sweet, so Dh & the kids hit the kitchen with my trusty old 'Cookery the Australian Way' and produced these yummy Rock Cakes. A classic from my childhood that our children enjoy now too. Last night saw us entertaining Dh's oldest brother as well. He was biding his time before picking up his daughter so rather than drive all the way home he picked up some dinner for himself and a block of chocolate for us all to share and hung out here. The kids were very excited to see him....with fish & chips....and chocolate. I wonder how much of his dinner he actually ate on his own LOL.

Eventually he left, the children headed off to bed and we settled down to an evening of 'chick flicks' and catching Dh up on the news of the day. News like, Mr Busy's teacher and Miss Mischief's teacher BOTH had run-in's with our son during the day. Oh dear. He did have a rather bad day! Having a boy at school is so vastly different to the two girls who wouldn't dream of being 'naughty' and whose personalities are more malleable when it comes to being corrected. Mr Busy stated rather emphatically that his teachers were too tough on him, when only Mum's and Dad's 'are allowed' to be so tough! The poor boy was in for a rude awakening when I informed him that if he is naughty the teachers should be tough on him!

You just gotta love their logic!


Aprille Roberts said...

Sounds like ya'll have had a really fun time! The rock cakes look yummy!

My third grader still talks about the trouble he got in when he was in kindergarten - his discipline there had a profound effect on him! LOL!

Aprille :0)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love Fridays, too, though my Friday this week was stuffed with late afternoon appointments and by the end of the day we were all very cranky!

Fish and chips and chocolate--oh, my! Now that's the sort of uncle we all need!

Hope the rest of your weekend also contains chocolate!

Rel said...

Yum - LOVE rock cakes :)