Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday's Menus

I never ended up making those muffins. Instead, I made another batch of pastry for an apricot pie, for some friends. My lazy Saturday turned into making a double batch of Chow Mein, plus the apricot pie and a little snooze to get me through until 2am when I turned out my light after watching 2 movies, driving home and reading for 10 minutes with my mini reading light before going to sleep. We watched 'One Night with the King' and 'Saving Sarah Cain'. I loved them both and they were all the more fun with the rest of the gals. Of course, these were interspersed with lots of chatter and a few rowing races that Aussie's won in the rowing.

This week I have lots of going's on. Besides my normal stuff, we have Grandparents Day at school this week, so I'm going to help the kids with serving morning tea. I'll also have my parents here for that...kind of. Apparently I didn't need to plan to have them for meals. We'll barely see them! Anyway, they'll sleep here. I have a funny feeling we have an Open Day at school on Saturday too. Dh will be making coffee, so I guess the rest of us will find something to do as well. I can't imagine the kids will want to stay home when there's all that fun to be had not at home. Not when they've spent all weekend saying "PLEASE can we go to someone's house???!!!!". Like being at home is the worst possible scenario. Ya know, cos you might as well chop off their limbs as make them stay home all weekend LOL.

So this week, this is what we have on the table:

Monday: Chinese Beef & Green Beans
Tuesday: Corned Silverside (crockpot), mashed potatoes & vegies
Wednesday: Orange Crumbed Chicken, vegies
Thursday: Vegetable Lasagna with something?
Friday: Old Fashioned Chicken Pie, vegies
Saturday: Mrs R's Vegie Soup, Vegie sausage rolls
Sunday: Tuna & Rice


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, we get those "Can I pleeeassse have a playdate with somebody--at their house?" But I remember what that was like, don't you--where someone else's house is just this haven of mystery and excitement ... and your own house is the same old thing.

I don't know about where you are, but here, the spontaneous playdate is a hard thing to pull off. Everyone's so scheduled!

Have a good, busy week! --Frances

April Roberts said...

Tracy, you are too funny!!! My kids are the same way. When I tell my kids to go get their clothes on so they can get out of their pajamas, the first thing they ask is..."Where are we going????" They can't wait to go, and hope to go, and by golly - going to the grocery store is better than being at home! LOL!

Your menu looks amazing as always!

April :0)

fi said...

Thanks so much for the Chow Mein and Pie, Tracy!!!

I can vouch for the pastry, absolutely delicious!

Tracy said...

You are very welcome. I'm glad the pie passed muster :)