Wednesday, 27 August 2008

McLeod's Who?

I am an unashamed 'McLeod's Daughters' fan. A rather disappointed one at this very moment in time. The very last season should be on TV, but after screening only a few episodes of this season it was taken off. For the Olympics. It's not on again tonight. I'm not sure what Channel 9 is doing but I'd really love to give them a little piece of my mind. Not too mind is precious and vanishing quicker than I can keep track of! But I'd really like to be sitting down enjoying some good Aussie drama.

What is left, is a rather pathetic effort at television viewing for the evening. *sigh*


The Tin House said...

Tracy - you really SHOULD ring them tomorrow and ask what they're doing with the programme. I'll lay bets on them waiting to see how many complaints they have before settling on a schedule. That's the way the commercials do it. (they mucked The West Wing around for so long that everyone stopped watching it until the ABC bought it and it became a ratings hit).

Go on. I challenge you to let your fingers do the walking and make that phone call.

Lisa x

fmll said...

Did you know that McLeod's is a HUGE hit in Holland?? The Dutch Boy's Mum loves it and will go cranky if you call her during it!! hehe

Tracy said...

I didn't know any of that! You learn something new!

I'll got digging for a phone number Lisa, thanks for the tip.

Felicity, do they screen it in English or with sub titles?