Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday Updates & Stuff

Yesterday I came home after my sewing circle morning to find chainsaws a-buzz and sawdust all over the place. Yes, you guessed it! Some wonderful men came to take that tree down. Finally! It's only been 12 days (nooooo...I'm not counting at all!).

So now we have a hole in the fence where those wonderful men just chopped a hunk out so they could get through to our side and get the tree back to the other side where the super duper mulcher was humming away greedily. Hopefully next week the neighbours will return from their holiday and we'll get some movement on repairing that fence.


Australia is just now bringing in Season 3 and beyond of Little House on the Prairie. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this development. I had contacted the previous distributor to ask when they would bring us Season 3 and they said never. Apparently I wasn't the only desperate fan in the country. I have pre-ordered my set and it should arrive sometime next week. Well, it's being released on Monday, so I'm hoping!


There are flies in my house. It's the middle of winter....the coldest part of winter for us and there are bloomin' blowies floating around. I've closed off the flue in the fireplace so hopefully that will put a stop to them. I had a moment of sadistic glee this morning when I discovered one of them had drowned itself in the water bowl that the honey container sits in....along with two ants. YESSSS!


For all you pastry-challenged folks around the world, I'm trying out a new recipe tonight. Maggie Beer is forever using her Sour Cream Pastry in a rather versatile manner. Everything from savoury tarts & pies to a very messy looking Vanilla Slice, on Wednesday night's show of 'The Cook and the Chef'. So after some super sleuthing I have tracked down her recipe and I will use it in my bacon & mushroom quiche tonight.

I'd love to spend a few days, I think, in Maggie's vegie garden and cooking in her kitchen with her....and then sharing the meal together. Yep, a perfect way to spend some time, I reckon.


Tina said...

yay! finally the tree is gone!! Hopefully, your fence repair will be done quickly. Glad you're able to get season 3...woo hoo!

love, Tina :)

Tracy said...

I'm glad the tree is finally gone. Those flies can sure be bothersome!

April Roberts said...

Hi Tracy, I'm so glad the tree finally got cleared away, but sorry you have a gaping hole in your fence now! :0( I love Little House, my husband loves it so much too - he'll sit there and cry with the best of us! LOL! It's so funny to hear about those of you who are experiencing cold weather, using your fireplaces (Tina), wearing sweaters - when we are at the height of summer here, sweating away! A cozy, cool, snuggly kind of day sounds really good right now!

April :0)

Tracy said...

April that always gets me too. When I'm beyond desperate for a cool day you guys are talking about snow and casseroles and warm comfort food. And then I wish I could move every six months without too much hassle LOL.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Glad to hear they finally got the tree (hope it won't take them forever to repair the fence)!

I have summer flies in my house--they're getting in through the porch, and they're driving me crazy. We all look like a bunch of nuts, chasing after two flies with folded newspapers. I finally got one this morning--victory!

Tracy said...

When they're that bad I just grab the can of insecticide. Last summer, we had these sticky little bush flies in plague proportions so there was no nice environmentally friendly killing going on here. We went for the foolproof chemicals. There were just too many!