Monday, 11 August 2008

Menu Planning Monday

We're continuing with wintery Antarctic blasts here. I've got my favourite woolen jumper (sweater) on....8 play wool...knitted by my Granny when I was about 15 or 16 years old. I'm thinking boots with socks today will also be good. Especially if the Prep-2's do PE. Golly I hope not though LOL.

This week's menu plan was a little hard to come by. I sat and looked at the two spare spaces and the only suggestions the kids had were meals already there. Oh well, at least we're on the same track and they'll enjoy dinner every night LOL.

Monday: Chinese Simmering Chicken, brown rice, stir fried vegies
Tuesday: Ricotta Gnocchi & tomato pesto
Wednesday: Bacon Wrapped Chicken, potatoes, vegies
Thursday: Soup & bread
Friday: Chow Mein with rice noodles
Saturday: Bacon & Mushroom Quiche, vegies
Sunday: Homemade pizza (mushroom & pineapple and potato, onion & garlic)

I'll come back later today and attach links to some of those recipes. It's time to head off to school right now.

Alrighty, the links I have are now there so you can wizz your way around the net in the click of a mouse! You'll need to scroll down to the recipe for Chinese Simmering Chicken. Actually I would recommend a good look through that Chicken Plan that Kim Tilley wrote. I have it printed out and use many recipes from it all the time.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Great menu! I definitely want to try the Chinese Simmering Chicken. It sounds like it could be a good dish for a casual evening with company. Thanks for the links.

I love it that you're wearing a sweater your grandmother knit you when you were fifteen. How cozy!

Tina said...

You're making my mouth water again Tracy!! Yummy! xx

marjorie said...

Thanks Tracy. I needed to read that chicken plan again as I am filling the freezer with ratbag roosters this week.

Tracy said...

ahhh the roosters! Yes, you definitely should have another peruse of the chicken plan Marjorie! I hope those ratbags were better behaved for you this year.

Lefthanded housewife, I'm having that for lunch ~ deliberate leftovers. And there was nothing else to eat!