Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It's Friday the 8th of August. I know that means nothing much to anyone else, but for us it means we've been in our current house for exactly three whole years. Three blissful years of no moving house! For Mr Busy, this is the longest he's ever been in one house.

Given my busy week and the fact that my head is suffering the lack of hydration from yesterday I'm thinking a night off to enjoy fish & chips or something similar may well be in order to celebrate. That and a quiet night in!

After an unusually late night at music practice last night (I got home at 11pm) it was up and at 'em this morning with another half a day in the art room hovering over novice sewing machine users. I will need to take my camera in and get some photos of the work the kids have been doing, to show you. Some of them have produced fabulous work. Most of them have never used a machine so with a quite 5 minute instruction spiel they are off and sewing. It's a beautiful thing to watch them go from hesitant and petrified to confident and excited. I have to admit though, I'm looking forward to a quieter weekend!

Below is my most recently completed stitchery. It will be framed in a 4inx6in frame and handed on to thrill a good friend.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hi, Tracy--You can guess how much I love your stitchery--it's right up my alley! And you'll laugh that I read "was up and at 'em this morning with another half day in the art room hovering over novice sewing machine users" as "hoovering over novice sewing machine users." (do you all say "hoovering" for vacuuming down there? All my UK friends do).

Happy house anniversary! Do you plan to stay, or will you move on in a few years?

Anonymous said...

Happy Home Anniversary!! I know what it feels like to move around a lot...this is my 20th home and I've been here almost 10 years now. It's great to put down roots!

Your needlework picure is absolutely wonderful! I still admire the one you sent me every day!

love, Tina :)

April Roberts said...

Tracy, Happy Home Anniversary! We have only moved three times since we got married, so I don't know really what it is to move a lot, but my husband absolutely hates to move! He wants to us to be where we're gonna be. So here we are! LOL!

I love your beautiful picture too! Beautiful stitching!

April :0)

Tracy said...

I love the stitchery. We've never been in a home longer than 5 years. Happy anniversary!

Tracy said...

Left Handed Housewife, in Australia we 'vacuum'. How funny to have vacuumed up those kids...the mental image is very amusing!

'My' plan is to stay here at least til Mr Busy finishes Year 12. We're only 6 minutes from school and about 8 minutes from Dh's new shop location so it's perfect for us. Our town is a fantastic place to live so I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere else right now.

Terri said...

Happy Home Anniversary! Our last house was the longest - 4 years. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. :-)


Joy said...

Congratulations! How nice it would be to live in one place for 3 years! The longest we've managed is 18 months :)
Love the stitchery,



belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

Congratualtions on finding a place to stay put for a while.

I know I find moving such a chore that I tend to lump it with other highly stressful events... the first move was marriage and move both within a couple of months... the second I moved, changed jobs and did work travel to Sydney all within 3 weeks of each other. Admittedly after that one I got certain people to promise me that if I attempt anything that stupid again they should find me a padded cell.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

This time for us followed a very unstable period where we moved 5 times in 3 years. We had 18m, 2m, 7m and 9m in different houses before moving here. Admittedly the last house before this was only 2km away and most of our belongings were stored after the 18 month stint. Still, I wouldn't recommend it as a lifestyle.

Three years is something to aim for Joy!!!

Dianne said...

Happy Home Anniversary, Tracy! I have moved so many times in my life that I have stopped counting so I know the feeling. I think at last count, I have moved about 18 times in my married lifetime.

We have been in our present home for 10 years and hope never to have to move again.

Your stitchery is beautiful. I envy the blessed person who gets it!