Thursday, 21 August 2008

Winter is Now Complete!

Mr Busy is home today with his cold. He was getting better and then he dive bombed again. He's not really sick, but it's cold and rainy today. That, and between me and my parents someone was going to be home all day. A good day for a little boy to stay warm and cosy and have a quiet day at home. This time I bought the big bottle of Dimetapp! And 'The Invisible Glove' hand cream....and some First defense nasal spray. I told the lady at the chemist I was about to empty my wallet right there.

Thanks to Mr Busy's coughing and spluttering I have now caught my first winter cold .... actually, my first cold in 14 months. So far it's just a bit of coughing and throat kind of stuff. Hopefully the First Defense will prevent a full blown effort. I get sick so rarely I'm not a very good patient!

I think I might find a rug and curl up on the couch for a little snooze. I've been reminded I'm not so good at being up in the middle of the night with kids, either. I don't go straight back to sleep like I used to so I've missed some important hours there for two nights!

So here's my 'funny' from 3.20am the other night:
Mr Busy: Daaadddd....I can't breathe properly.
Dadddy: Go back to sleep!

I finally realised he said 'breathe' not 'read' and thought perhaps 'go back sleep' was not such an appropriate response after all. I couldn't figure out what he might be reading in the dark!!!!! So I dosed him up with panadol, dimetapp, a couple of puffs on the ventolin kind of stuff and some Vicks on the chest.


Anonymous said...

I hope Mr Busy is feeling better and that you can fight off your cold before it takes hold. Take care.

Tracie said...

Hi Tracy,
I hope you and Mr Busy are feeling better soon, touch wood I haven't had a cold this winter yet but when the spring flowers come out that will be another story.

Keep warm and have a good day,

Tracie xx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Sorry to hear the cold bug is going around your house, though sometimes it is nice to have an excuse to curl up and read or watch TV.

I know what you mean about being up in the middle of the night. My mother was wonderful in this regard; when my children wake up in the night, I have to work to sound sweet and soothing, as opposed to highly irritated. It's a struggle!

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy...I hope he gets better soon.

Hugs from Auntie Tina,

Terri said...

Tracy, I hope you all are feeling better soon!