Wednesday, 20 August 2008


We've had quite a day. We began ours sharing breakfast with our Grandparents, who are sleeping over at our place for a couple of nights.

I got the job of handling car parking for Grandparents Day, at school. Now there's a challenge! The best parking I saw done all morning was by a younger Mum. Yeah, oldies are not quite so confident with interesting parking situations! I had a giggle through it though. One old Dutch Grandma gave the Grounds & Maintenance man a hard time about the street signs a few km's away. Another Grandmother was 45 minutes late. She came from Tullamarine (over an hour's drive). Her grandchildren are late. Every. Single. Morning. Yes, I had to laugh! I shared that giggle with the office lady who has to write those five late passes every single day.

The kids had more fun than I did, I'm sure! They all seemed to be beaming and have something special they'd done together and there was lots of photo-taking going on. I am now charged with the task of getting a hold of the photos relating to our family and passing them on!

And don't you think it's rather appropriate that the Prep-2's had Blue Colour Day today? They would've matched the Blue Rinse Brigade (the Grandparents!) beautifully!


Tracy said...

What a special day for all involved! It is funny to think of traits that are passed down form generation to generation, even if it is tardiness. Have a wonderful time with your family.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Re: the late grandmother--LOL! What a hoot.

Our school does grandparents' day for kindergarten and third grade, and it's really lovely--for the kids and the grandparents. Everyone else has to work so hard to pull it off. But it's worth it.

But handling parking? You are a good and brave woman!

Tracy said...

Frances, you have no idea! Our school is on a hill in the bush. Yes, the driveway is bitumen, but the rest is dirt roads and car parking!