Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Today's Puzzle...errr..Project

Last week I think I might've mentioned that I had my Block-of-the-Month quilt class. Oh. My. Goodness. A more brain bending block I have not before seen. This is my first experience with paper piecing and what a doozy! Normally in the 2 hour class time we get one block finished. Finished as in we've chosen our fabric colours, cut out the pieces and sewed the block together. Last week we didn't get to finish sewing up the first block. After this one, I have three more to complete before September. I'd better get a move on, don't you think!

Since today is my stay at home day, and tomorrow is my sewing circle day, I'm hoping that I can finish sewing this block together and get the other three cut out. Then tomorrow I'll take my machine with me and get a long way into sewing the others together.

Oh, and I have half of the last episode of 'Anne of Green Gables' to watch. So, when my brain is completely boggled, I think I might rest it with that!


Tracy said...

wow! That looks difficult! Your sewing circle sounds like alot of fun. And I KNOW that ANNE is fun!

fmll said...

Hey Tracy! There is a blog award waiting for you here..


belinda said...

Good Luck Tracy,

I have to admit that project looks like it would well and truely do my head in.

Don't think I am tempramentally suited to quilting.. too much of a perfectionist to let the mistakes go and too slap dash not to make lots of them.

Kind Regards

marjorie said...

I too would pass on that quilt square but I am sure yours will be beautiful. I like your colour choice though.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I envy you your sewing circle. I am fairly new to sewing (though my mom, bless her heart, tried her hardest to get me interested when I was young--no sale) and could use the wisdom and advice of experienced sewers.

Good luck with the block! I love your colors. --frances

Tracy said...

Frances, you should put some feelers out at see if you can find some like minded people. We're a little three-horse town really, but the quilt shop is always busy with sewing circles and all sorts of classes.