Thursday, 18 February 2010

Vogue 7302

I fell in love with this skirt pattern when I saw it on a mannequin in Spotlight, quite some time ago. I bought the pattern and then gagged in horror as I saw that my preferred view (B) requires 6.3m. Oh my. At an average price of $15/m that would end up around the $90 mark, just for fabric.

I was reading a recent post by Imogen at Inside Out Style that really resonated with me. She suggested examine some favourite pieces of clothing and ask yourself why you love that item so much. I happen to love skirts that have plenty of femininely flowing fabric that come to just below my knees and have a more fitted waist. Gathers and pleats just don't suit me. But a waistband free fitted style with flare is just my thing. I have a few skirts with variations on this idea and I adore them above all others.

So...tonight I'm going to find time to pop over to Spotlight whilst I'm on a shopping errand nearby and see if there's any fabric a little cheaper and somewhat usable. After all, Spotlight is not know for its quality fabrics...but it's the only option I have close by.

Don't you think Penelope would love a little job to do?! She's been so quiet in the corner, of late.


Angela said...

That is a lovely skirt - but like you, I was horrified when I realised how much it would cost to make it!
But SO flattering!
Lenten blessings x
[have you caught up with Floss , pause in Lent? ]

Rel said...

So did you find some fabric? Hugs

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I think Penelope will love the skirt! It's a lovely pattern. I hope you find fabric that doesn't bust your budget. Let us see the finished item!


Tracy said...

No fabric yet. On a mission for it now though. My golly, Spotlight is next to useless!!!