Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Family Reunion

The girls are home.

Miss Mischief fell into my arms outside Mr Busy's classroom door...Miss Sunshine collapsed at my feet between his classroom and the office (which are right close to each other).

By all accounts (so far) they've had a marvellous time. Miss Sunshine is relatively unimpressed with the whole idea of surfing. But I'm proud of her, simply because she gave it a go. A couple of years ago she wouldn't have!

And I've inherited a cow, I think. At least Miss Sunshine is impersonating one, with mooing noises emanating from her with great frequency. It's a female version of grunting, I think, but as with many female, even their grunting is more verbose than the male version. In any case, she has not the energy to speak if it's really not required.

Am I glad I'm out this evening. Oh yes, I am! Dh can handle the crankiness that is inevitable as the afternoon wears into evening and bed times approach.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

So glad the girls are back and happy to be home! I'm very impressed with your surfer girl, and so pleased you have a mooing girl to boot!


Tracy said...

She's stopped mooing and started sniffing. Ick.

Tracy said...
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