Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Feeling a Bit Clever

I'm sure there are many posts out there from far more organised women than I, who are completely organised and will scratch their heads in wonder that this is somewhat of a revelation. Not a new one...but a very much appreciated one!

I knew I would be late home tonight. I knew Dh would be heading out early in the evening. This morning I ducked home between staff devotions and the lessons I was required for and got dinner into the crockpot. Now I know this is nothing new, indeed I've used my crockpot for such occasions previously. However, when I'm leaving at 8am, getting a crockpot going is not usually on top of my to-do list. I'm flat out getting four of us out the door, each with the things that are needed for the day.

It was wonderful to have about an hour to pop back home and get myself prepared for the evening ahead, so that I would not be stressed about how long the 'section meeting' went for. I've come home to a dinner prepared without undue flurry and tension this morning and I had the foresight to put the cooling on too. Now what could be better, I wonder, than coming home to dinner cooked and a cool home when the day is again hot....currently 30C.

I think working in the middle of the day has some benefits I had not thought of!


Angela said...

My crockpot is over twentyyears old, and I have recently rediscovered how useful it is. My best tip is making chicken stock - if we have a roast chicken, I put the carcase, plus water. seasonings and a quartered onion in the pot. Leave on 'low' overnight, and voila, in the morning, a lovely pot of rich chicken stock ready to make into soup or whatever.
Low energy, no fuss - what's not to love!!
blessings x

Tracy said...

After December this year, my crockpot will officially be 'over twenty years old' too!!!!! And I really don't want it to conk out because the new ones just aren't the same.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Yes, it's hard to imagine getting something going in the crockpot while trying to get the kids out the door to school! What a great discovery that you can come in the morning and get it going.

I've only had my crockpot a couple of years, but I love it, especially on Sundays, when I want to relax in the afternoon. I get a nice roast without having to work too hard for it!