Saturday, 20 February 2010

Rediscovering Aldi

When a person finds themselves a little time-poor, things like shopping in two supermarkets is often one of the easiest things to dispense with. Certainly, I found myself making that choice. The silly thing is, that Aldi is just across the hallway at the Shopping Centre I frequent. My perception of the time I had was a little skewed by the inevitable fatigue that comes at the end of the day when you've been at work the four previous days.

Last week I decided to see just how much of my shopping could be done at Aldi and how much it would save me. In my defense, Aldi had slowly crept up in price so that many of their products were very similarly priced to that of Safeway's 'home brand' products. Our greedy Australian supermarkets have been making some 'permanent' pricing reductions of late and Aldi has reportedly joined in the action.

For the first time in many months, I found that I was able to shop within my budget quite easily, even though it included a couple of extravagences like frozen prawns and mangoes. While I still found that there were some items that remained similarly priced to Safeway's equivalent, there were a large number of things that were significantly cheaper, like mangoes, potatoes and milk.

What does all this mean for a busy mum who is often feeling quite bedraggled and drained by Thursday evening? It means I've rediscovered an incentive for commiting myself to the pursuit of financially wiser grocery shopping. I really didn't need more than $40 worth of groceries from Safeway and it wasn't so painful to go to two supermarkets, after all.

On a side-note. The prawns and mangoes were delicious in the form of 'Red Prawn and Mango Curry' on page 15 of 'Nigella Express'. Definitely worth chasing the more affordable frozen prawns and mangoes in Aldi! Yes, my obsession with Nigella continues unabated and I have tonight's episode recorded and ready for me to watch later.


Joy McD said...

I only buy a few things at Aldi. I find that buying specials and no name at Safeway is my way of keeping the bills down.

I am not very keen on moving again, believe me... even though I will have more space there. I will miss our little farm, sigh. And we will miss our camping weekend since we are moving that weekend :( So, I'll see you next year?? I'm glad we can keep in touch with our blogs though.

Tracy said...

Selfish thought it may seem, I was so diasspointed to discover you would miss our camping trip. Lisa and I will have to do some major crafting on your behalf!

Joy McD said...

Yes please :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I was so disappointed to find all the Nigella cookbooks were checked out when I went to the library last week. I'm going to put Nigella Express on hold. Can't wait to try it!


Tracy said...

How disappointing! If you're going to put the book on hold anyway, I wonder if they also have the DVD's of the TV series? I'm loving that I can have both at the same time!