Friday, 26 February 2010

Ahead of the Game

I'm much the wiser for having studied last year. I haven't started yet, but I'm almost certain that as part of my 'practical placement' for the Cert 4, I will, again, have to plan small group activities. Rather than having to write up activities retrospectively from six months prior, I'm writing the lesson plans as I go this time.

The fact is, I am never in a position where the teacher says "here you go, YOU plan the activity and run with it". I often get "Could you do this, here is the stuff you need, and these are the students I want you to work with". Regardless, the College wants to see that I'm capable of doing teaching-related tasks and so I'm writing lesson plans for the activities I supervise as I go this year.

I've also begun keeping notes of the tasks I perform during my day, because they will also want that information as well. So last night I propped the laptop on my knee in front of the telly and got stuck into it. I'm feeling very on-top-of-it. I'm sure that won't last too long!!!

I was also very excited to learn, this afternoon, that I will indeed know someone at the PD workshop I'm attending on son's teacher's wife will also be there. Apparently I'm too look out for 'the most beautiful woman in the room'.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Please let us know what the most beautiful woman in the room looks like! She must be quite beautiful if someone can safely assume she'll be the most beautiful.

It's such a nice feeling when you get on top of things, isn't it? I long to feel that way again some day ...


p.s. Finally finished unraveling. Now let's see how long it takes me to get the yarn in the mail!

Tracy said...

She looked like any other woman in the room, to me. Obviously those were the words of a biased husband. But she IS a lovely, bubbly, friendly lady and I DID say hello to her. I had met her once at our school, last year.

PS. You could make this some kind of a world record, I reckon! Don't stress....when it arrives I'll probably be ready to do something cosy and warm on cold autumn & winter evenings!