Monday, 22 February 2010

With a Long Term View

Last year at a Christian Education National parent partnership conference I took the Camps and Excursions elective. Not necessarily because I wanted more information, but because I was quite disinterested in the other options available. A pathetic reason to make such a choice, I daresay. I've been on my fair share of excursions and have been on a couple of camps as well and I do love them. The tack that was taken at that Workshop was looking at the long term value of education to be found within a camping and excursion program. These experiences tend to focus on character development and investing into the worldview of our students rather than academic learning. The value of the non-academic rose in my view when I learned that we are currently educating children for jobs that do not exist that will use technology that has not been invented yet. Wow!!! All of a sudden those personal development learning experiences seem so much more important.

My daughters are, as I type, hopefully having the time of their life and enjoying activities like canoing, snorkeling and something or other else. Tomorrow they'll be surfing. They'll be learning much about the things they love to do in their leisure, the things that scare them senseless and they may discover what they can accomplish if they are daring enough to try.

It's going to be rather peaceful at our place for the next couple of days!


Rel said...

Hey there! Not wanting to give you a hard time but really, you are still reading A Flickering Light according to your sidebar!!! I think not ;-) People are going to think you are a very slow reader - LOL!

Tracy said...

I know LOL. Remembered about that just the other day.

Finally finished 'Heart of Stone' so should be able to get a review to you this week.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I hope the girls have a great time at camp. I think you're right--we make important discoveries about ourselves when we're daring. Funny enough, I'm much more daring as an adult than I was as a child!


Tracy said...

I am too Frances. They had a great time. Miss Sunshine was relatively unimpressed with surfing...but she gave it a go.