Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tardy Tuesday's Menu Plan

I had a double whoops yesterday. I realised a little while after I'd posted that I should've posted my menu plan. When I went to look at it, I discovered I'd not yet finished planning this week. Ugh. My shopping day is back to Thursday's, so I'd stopped there...and am just now wracking my brain over what to have on Sunday night for dinner.

Instead of pizza for dinner last Sunday night, we had Red Prawn and Mango Curry, as mentioned the other day. Absolutely divine...and just as good a day or two later for lunch. I wanted to remind my girls that we will miss them as they headed off to camp and I knew they'd think prawns and mangoes in one meal would be a little piece of Heaven. Much more so than a pizza could have expressed. Indeed they were thrilled.

So this week is now looking like this:

Monday: Chicken, mushroom and bacon pie, oven chips, frozen vegies
Tuesday: Bacon & mushroom quiche, jacket potato, vegies
Wednesday: Homemade Pizza, to spoil the girls on their return
Thursday: Pasta with lemon, garlic, thyme & mushrooms
Friday: Pork chops with cranberry sauce, vegies, potato
Saturday: Roast chicken, vegies, roast potato & pumpkin
Sunday: Sweet and sour pork, rice

Mr Busy and I were on our own for dinner last, so he was indulged a handful of chips from the freezer (cooked of course!) as a treat and I felt quite justified in digging out my bag of mixed seasonal vegies from the depths of my freezer. Last time I bought that packet there were more winter things like cauliflower and broccoli. This time there were lots of beans. Fine by me, but Mr Busy thinks them evil and will do nearly anything not to eat the wicked little things. Despite all that fuss I was impressed that Aldi do indeed provide the most in-season items in their frozen vegies and it does, in fact, change with the season. And how luxurious to have carrot sticks I'd not peeled or sliced! Not to say that I will be dispensing with fresh produce, but frozen is definitely better than take away when I have run out of time or energy (or both!).

Must be off to find some tasty little morsel for Mr Busy's afternoon tea before heading back to school. I have a section meeting this afternoon and a little boy needs his sustenance to make it through to dinner time.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

It's so fun to eat when it's just you and one child. We tend to lean toward French cuisine in times like these--french fries, french toast ... You're so good to include a veggie!


Tracy said...

LOL...I love your 'French food'!