Wednesday, 24 February 2010

New Idea that Wasn't So New!

Photo from 'Once Upon A Plate'

Turns out the magnificently creative idea I came up with last night is not so new to other people. Ever made some amazing discovery, only to find out you're a little late? Yep. That was me. No matter. Dinner was still tasty!

My inspiration came from a late arrival home, only three of us to feed and a menu plan that stated 'Quiche'. Really, what was I thinking? All that preparation and then waiting for the quiche to cook when it was already well after 5pm? And that's when I remembered those little wonton wrappers lingering there in my fridge, just waiting for its moment to shine. Mini quiches! Of course, what a great idea. I had those wrappers all snuggled up with eggs and topped with spring onion, chopped walnuts, mushrooms and cheese and into the oven in very short order. Jacket potatoes had already gone into the oven and I really then, only had time for those frozen vegies to make an appearance again.

Mr Busy was quite taken with the crispy little corners and simply couldn't understand how eggs do that. It took quite some explaining to get his young mind around the fact that there was a 'pastry' case there too!

Voila, a very quick way to make mini quiches.


Joy McD said...

hee hee, Mr Busy is cute :) I love mini quiches, I make them for lunches or picnics or taking a plate somewhere... and you are right, so much quicker than a large one - good thinking!!

Tracy said...

I used to make them for school lunches. Haven't done that in quite some time.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm very impressed with your improvising! Don't you love when a great idea comes to you and saves the day?