Saturday, 13 February 2010

A Feast of Nigella Proportions

I know, I've been harping a bit this week....I promise I'll try and find a new topic to post about by tomorrow. However, for now I'll continue to espouse the wonderful treasures to be found in my 'Nigella Express' cookbook.

Mr Busy bounced in as I entered the kitchen last night pleading to help with dinner. Now there's a good way to get the dishwasher emptied and refilled with the dirty stack sitting on the bench above it. I told him that if he did those two jobs he could help me. Meanwhile I emptied the dish rack that was piled high and then we were ready to dive in.

Together we chopped and whisked and sliced our way through three recipes from 'Nigella Express'.


I had already chosen the Brandied-Bacony Chicken from page 36. Well, it was meant for Sunday, but yesterday was the perfect day weather-wise. This recipe was incredibly simple and tasted divine. The next recipe on page 39 was designed to accompany the chicken. Who am I to argue with such common sense?! So Potato and Mushroom Gratin joined the chicken on the plate.


And then, thanks to some Store Cupboard inspiration and a trip to Aldi I had a jar of morello cherries languishing on a shelf in my pantry. They've been calling to me since I bought them, so Clafouti from Page 377 was my next inclusion. Nigella was right. The sourness of the cherries works beautifully to contrast the sweet batter. And Dh was thrilled to find dessert on the menu....with no visitors in sight!

The Feast

There you have it ~ three recipes in one meal. They looked exactly as they ought and tasted precisely as I imagined.


Debbie said...

Pity you aren't having visitors ...I would love to come, drooling on my keyboard.

Tracy said...

A terrible pity...I would've much preferred you to knock on my door than the man who did so at midnight!!!!!

Kez said...


(bowing down to the kitchen goddess!)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm with Kez--wow! What a beautiful meal! I, too, bow down!


Tracy said...

Not so much goddess as over enthusiastic, I think!

Too bad I couldn't have had you come and share the meal more personally than virtually!