Sunday, 28 February 2010

Too Much Excitement ...

We had a very busy day yesterday, between a church even for some of us, a play date for some of us and an appointment down in the depths of the suburbs. Not just the depths of the suburbs but in the very bowels of Chadstone shopping centre. I hadn't been there in years and I was very glad to leave after conducting the business that took us there.

In all that busyness I neglected to leave the digital box on and I missed out on taping 'Nigella Express'. Oh the disappointment at 4am when I realised! I might see if I can get a hold of the DVD through the library. If they ever have a copy available!!!! Or perhaps I'll just put a whole set of her DVD's on my birthday wishlist.

The reason I was awake at 4am? A bunch of yobbo's outside our house making quite a hullabaloo.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I can't tell you how much I love the phrase "the very bowels of Chadstone shopping centre." It sounds very menacing.

Sorry about you missing Nigella and not taping (I hate when that happens!) and also being awakened at 4 by yobbos. Are yobbos people or kangaroos? :)


Tracy said...

Chadstone is menacing IMHO. It has grown from humble beginnings to be, I understand, the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. The place could swallow you whole, never to be seen again!

It seems there are a few definitions for 'yobbo'. Basically they are uncouth, obnoxious types. Too loud, too impolite, too drunk...too anything not so great! Perhaps once restricted more to males, but there were females out there the other night too.

Joy McD said...

Hey Tracy, a bit more excitement for you, at least I think so!! Go check out my latest post :)