Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Menu Plans....Late Again

I seem to be running a day behind all over the place at the moment! Yesterday I left home at 7.15am to attend an Autism/Aspergers PD and returned at 5.30pm after picking up my children from a friend who lives just around the corner. She was more than happy to bring my kids home with her after school and blessed me greatly by organising all of them to have their homework done before I got there.

So...what's on our menu this week? Lots of things, for lots of hungry people!

Monday: Mini Quiches, potato, vegies (a return of the wonton wrappers!)
Tuesday: Chinese Corn Soup, Yum Cha Bites
Wednesday: Chicken Parmigiana, potato, vegies
Thursday: Pasta bolognaise
Friday: Sloppy Joe's
Saturday: BBQ chicken wings, cubed bbq potatoes, salad/vegies
Sunday: Hmmmm...must figure that out before I shop on Thursday!!!!

I'm going to enjoy a nice quiet morning at home before a couple of family meetings after school. Poor Dh is having a few days in a row of juggling work and children. I'm not sure why I say 'poor'...perhaps it's my sympathy for having to step into what is usually my day!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

A friend who has your children do their homework before you pick them up is a friend indeed!

Chinese Corn Soup sounds intriguing. Yum Cha Bites is completely beyond me!


Tracy said...

Chinese Corn Soup is the cheats version of Chicken & Corn soup. Regardless of all that it is Mr Busy's favourite. And then he likes it when I buy a packet of little bits of yum cha things, like spring rolls, mini dim sims, money bags and sesame prawn toast. I throw them in the oven and serve it with soup and Mr Busy enters his version of Heaven.

Perfect for when the girls are out ~ much cheaper to only buy one box of the Yum Cha stuff than the possible 3 boxes it would require for all 5 of us to enjoy!