Tuesday, 9 March 2010

This Week's Menu

We've had a great long weekend....some time at the beach (before the storms!), time with friends, lots of baking, catching up on book reviews (and starting another book!) and delighting little people with golden syrup dumplings for dessert. I earned a few hugs out of that one!

All of a sudden we're back into our almost-normal school week, with a bit of a thud. Mr Busy's last comment, called out from his bed last night was "do we have to go to school tomorrow". Unfortunately, matey, we do. The girls and I are off on House Swimming Sports today so there is no rest for those of us who might be inclined to take a day or two more. I hope the blustery showers clear quickly ~ they're meant to!

My revised menu plan for this week:

Monday: Oven fried chicken, potato & mushroom gratin, vegies, G/S dumplings
Tuesday: Chicken cacciatore, rice, steamed vegies
Wednesday:Lamb chops with cranberry sauce, potato, vegies
Thursday: Singapore Noodles
Friday: Roast chicken, potato, vegies
Saturday: Chicken wonton soup, prawn crackers
Sunday: Sweet & sour pork, rice

Must get to and get these kids moving...it's so dark in the mornings now, that opening curtains is not enough to rouse them.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

We're on spring break now, and I know Sunday night is going to be very groany and moany around here--"do we have to go back to school tomorrow" etc. I have to say, sleeping in an extra half hour each morning really has me looking forward to summer vacation!