Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hair Today....Gone Tomorrow?

No, I'm not talking about baldness! Rather, I've been pondering hairstyles. Specifically, I'm wondering if there's an age or era of a person's life where it's more appropriate to wear shorter hair? I know a few older ladies with longer hair, who always wear it up. As I look around I think I prefer the look of an older woman who maintains a feminine but shorter hairstyle.

Now I'm nowhere near as old as the ladies I have been observing, however, according to the children in my church, they consider me middle-aged...AAAGGGHHH! So I'm wondering, at what point does a slightly younger woman begin the journey that ends in a much shorter style? Or does it really not matter these days?

Why am I pondering these questions? I desperately need a trim and wonder if it's time to be daring and try something new, or do I just get the requisite 2 inches trimmed off and continue on as normal?

You know what I really want? A hairdresser who knows the exact style that will suit my personality, hair type and lifestyle and then gives me exactly what I need and I will be ecstatically happy. I'm asking too much, aren't I?!


belinda said...

Yeah, I think you might be asking too much there.

Good luck with finding that rare jewel though.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

I think you might be right... *sigh*

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I've got the opposite concern--after years of having very short hair, is it time to grow it long? Longer hair might hide some of the problems of middle age--particularly these jowls I appear to be developing. Help!

I think your ideal hairdresser is wishful thinking, but I have the same dream!


Mimi said...

At 41 years of age, after wearing my hair semi-long for years I took the plunge and had my hair cut rather short. I was afraid that I was too old for the style my hairdresser suggested but everyone loves it. They all say it makes me look younger - which can only be a good thing!