Saturday, 20 March 2010

Chatting with Jenny B Jones

Our book club has just read 'Just Between You and Me' by Jenny B Jones. Last night we met and had our discussion....and then we were joined by Jenny herself, via phone.

We talked for well over and hour about all kinds of things....her writing process, how she combines teaching Year 9's with writing, how her stories impact her own life, , how she's developed a pretty thick skin to deal with criticism, how she met Sandra Bullock recently and oh so much more.

What an absolute thrill! Jenny is a really funny lady with a very deep faith. She is down-to-earth real and her writing reflects that. In fact, our book club deeply appreciated the fact that her characters have flaws and that things in their lives were messy. We all loved that she didn't tie everything up in a neat little bow at the end and we loved her descriptive humorous style throughout.

I have just two more questions now, though:

1. What does the 'B' stand for in Jenny B Jones?
2. How come your hair is straight now....Google images has pictures of you with curly hair. How do you get to to be all nice and neat like that??? This curly/frizzy-haired gal wants to know LOL.

If you're walking past a bookshop and see 'Just Between You and Me', pick it it. READ IT! You will have a great time!


Rel said...

I so agree, Trac! Wasn't she a sweetheart?

I'll be sure to set aside a date next year for her next "grown up" novel!

Tracy said...

She was absolutely delightful. We've spoken with some great authors, but I think I enjoyed our chat with Jenny as much or more than the others. Which is hard to say...the others have been great too!

Maybe it's Jenny's humour...