Wednesday, 3 March 2010

What Did I Learn Today?

I learned a lot of things today:
  • Little boys are nigh on irresistible when they gang up on you, use their best manners and beg for a play-date, because your son's friend can't bear another afternoon of watching his sister's horseriding lesson!
  • Other little boys are almost as cute as your own.
  • You miss a lot of 'stuff' when you're out of your regular classroom for two days in a row.
  • You can briefly by-pass the system at TAFE. The bookshop don't care if you have your work program before your order your workbooks.
  • Centrelink are better dealt with you don't have to talk to them.
  • When you pay that extra fee your birth certificate arrives in a very speedy manner.
  • Your daughter's teacher is worthy of being spoilt when it's her (the teacher's!) birthday.
  • Listening to 'Playstation Talk' is rather amusing when you're not watching what they're doing.
  • The only thing better than anticipating a holiday (long or short!) is actually going on that holiday.
I told you I learned a lot today. Now I need to learn how to get rid of a headache that's been dogging me for over week.

1 comment:

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Little boys are definitely irresistible when they decide to be sweet! And listening to their talk is a lot of fun.

Hope you got rid of your headache!