Friday, 26 March 2010

Kate: My 'Red House' Friend

I am so excited today!!!! One of my blogging friends, Kate (from Our Red House), has finally moved into her new home. It has been a horrible month for their family, and indeed a challenging year or two, truth be told. Kate's son sustained a serious injury a few weeks back and then they have been dragged through the messiest house settlement I think I've ever had the misfortune of hearing about. But this week they have finally moved and hopefully they will spend the weekend 'nesting' and making their new house a home to them.

A couple of weeks back I was reminded of the importance of encouraging fellow believers with Scripture. I always find that Psalms is my go-to place for whatever encouragement I need. I find myself returning to those verses, which are underlined in my Bible, to dig them out for others when they need it too.

There are times in life that challenge us beyond that which we think we can bear. Often, those circumstances are ones where no-one can really do that much to help you and only time and God's sovereign hand can bring resolution of some description. Distance and circumstance mean that all I could do for Kate is pray, and offer her the reminder of God's promises for the children He loves so dearly. A reminder that no matter how tough things seem, God is always faithful. I've wished I could make Kate's family a meal. I've wished I could sit with her in the hospital. I've wished I could just have a cuppa with her and let her talk and cry...or whatever. I feel like the only thing I could do (to pray) was so insignificant. And then I remember that in my apparent helplessness I was perhaps doing the thing that is most effective. Perhaps the most significant thing any of us can do is to pray to The One for whom nothing is impossible!


Rel said...

You are a sweetheart! Looking forward to some girl time tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,

I am deeply touched by your beautiful post. It brought me to tears. Thank you so much. You are a true friend.


Tracy said...

Hugs Kate. I hope this week is far more positive for you!