Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter Traditions

I'm slowly but surely working my way through my to-do list this week.
  • Some homework done
  • Preparation for Women's Retreat done
  • Book review, baking done and more baking today
  • More homework more to do
I seem to be spending far too much of my time in front of the computer, as all but the baking requires the use of such technology.

I'm now beginning to prepare for Easter. I've done my menu plan ~ found some very cute graphics in ClipArt. It looks very reminiscent of Spring rather than Autumn...but I like the cheery bright colours and happy faces. I wish I could cut and paste it to blogger, but somehow I can't seem to figure it out! If you search under the tag 'floral', you'll eventually find a row of flowers that look like they've been drawn by a young child. That would be the one!

As I consider what we'll get up to over a long weekend, that is full of significance to us, I ponder about food. Food is such an inherent part of all kinds of celebrations in, I would suggest, all cultures around the world. In the past, we've spent Easter at a friend's parents home. Then we've had some years where we've done our own thing and have wandered about in somewhat of a traditions desert. I'm just beginning to decide what it is I want to pass on to my family.

Foods help make Easter special to us, and turn our hearts towards great love and sacrifice that God gave us in Jesus' death and resurrection. Hot cross buns remind me of the cross of Jesus, which Jesus was crucified upon, on Good Friday. I plan to make hot cross buns on Friday with the kids. Roast lamb reminds me of how the Jews celebrated Passover, which happened right at the time of the Easter story. The lamb reminds me that Jesus was the perfect sacrificial lamb and that I no longer need to continue with the Levitical practice of sin offerings.

Then of course, there are those yummy chocolate eggs ~ not bunnies or chickens. Eggs. Eggs that symbolise the new life that Jesus gives me. Hollow eggs that remind me of Jesus' resurrection ~ that He is risen and alive.

What Easter traditions have you passed on in your family?


Angela said...

Yes- hot cross buns, and roast lamb and eggs important in our family too!
Pop over to my blog for some amazing Easter Story Cookies you can make with children.
I was really touched that my daughter [now age 25] who comes home this evening for a whole weekend [yippee] still wants to bake them with me!!
easter Blessings.
ps I agree - NO easter bunnies in THIS house, thankyou!!

Joy McD said...

We always dye eggs, and the last 5 years or so we have made chocolates ourselves. And we decorate the house.. but I have to say that having just moved I have no motivation to do any of these this year.. I am soo tired.. I'm getting old!