Thursday, 25 March 2010

Last Day of the Term!

I can't believe this term has flown by so very quickly! It seems like just yesterday that we were beginning the year, all fresh and new. Here we are though, 8 weeks later and all settled in like we've been going forever. It's a strange thing,really!

Last night the girls overtook the kitchen to bake for their classes. I don't know if there's a whole-class input or my girls just want to eat yummy sugar-laden things early in the day...but there we are. Iced cupcakes for Miss Sunshine's class and iced bikkies for Miss Mischief's. Dh has been eyeing them rather longingly. It's amazing they've been untouched all night.

We have lots of relaxing planned for the holidays. Easter is right in the middle and we have already begun to make plans about how we celebrate it, this year. I've a number of books to be reviewed as well as that ever enticing pile on my shelf that call to me. Of course, I have my study to continue on with. I've completed one whole subject. I'm a question and half a project away on the second and I've just begun the third. Not bad for a week and a half's work! I'm still waiting to hear from the College of their decision regarding my practical placement. I will be phoning them after lunch today. It seems unreasonable, to me, that it would take well over a week to contact me about it. There are arrangements to be made and things to juggle if I must work in another classroom besides my employed time!

Before I know it, the Thursday after Easter will arrive and I'll be back at work. Seems like an awfully quick break from a staff point of view. The kids get another four days!

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