Monday, 22 March 2010

Oh the Drama of a Thwarted Menu Plan!

Oh what a day it has been! My dinner tonight was thwarted, for this evening at least.

The children have been going in circles, injuring one another's hands. All we need is for Mr Busy to sustain an injury and we will have come full circle. Both the girls have now been seen by doctors. Miss Sunshine's effort required an x-ray for our peace of mind, so we sat in the ED for a couple of hours this afternoon after school waiting for our turn to have 2 minutes (literally) with the doctor, only to be told it's 'fine'. I left Dh in charge of procuring something for dinner. Chicken and chips rather than the planned moussaka...but at 7pm and ravenous, Miss Sunshine and I didn't really care too much!

On a good note, I've gotten the best part of my second subject out of three done. Sitting in the ED was not the complete waste of time it might have otherwise been.

I wonder what the rest of the week might hold?

Monday: the thwarted moussaka that became chicken & chips
Tuesday: Apricot chicken, mashed potatoes, vegies
Wednesday: Chicken in fig bath, vegies
Thursday: Bacon & mushroom pasta
Friday: hmmm...maybe sloppy joe's? I'll decide on Thursday when I shop
Saturday: Miss Sunshine's cooking...chicken noodle stir fry
Sunday: Picnic lunch ~ tomato soup and buttered bread for dinner

*deep sigh* I think, tonight, I might go check my email and then relax. I'm pretty sure I've managed to do enough study to have earned that.

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