Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday

Frances from 'Left Handed Housewife' and Mr Busy's teacher both reminded me very late in the peace, that yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. Seeing as how we're ahead of some of the world, it's Ash Wednesday here...the first day of Lent.

It's funny you know. We don't go to a church that makes a big deal of Lent. Indeed, Ash Wednesday, where I live, has more to do with a significant bushfire day back in 1983. Despite my lack of observance of these religiously traditional seasons, I still usually make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? Why, you ask? Partly because it's fun. We like pancakes and in our home they are a treat...not something that is eaten regularly. But also, because it does remind me that Easter is coming. Whilst Lent isn't a big deal for us, Easter surely is. Not just because we overdose on chocolate for a few days either. No. I'm one of those super sooky people who sit in church over Easter and really should remember to bring tissues, to save myself the embarrasment of using toilet paper to swipe at tears that seem inevitable. The fact that Jesus thought I was special enough to have a relationship with, and gave His life up so that I could have that privilege always completely overwhelms me. The magnitude of that thought is so incredibly humbling and I'm tempted to feel completely unworthy of that kind of love.

The more rational, unsooky and pragmatic side of me whops me over the head and reminds me that if God thought it was worth the life of His son so that I could have a relationship with Him and eternal life then one shouldn't argue and should just accept that amazing gift for what it is.

So I will enjoy some pancakes and revel in the love of a God who loves me so purely and so unconditionally despite who I am. And now I'll go find some tissues for the inner sook that continues to rise to the surface.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I get emotional Easter Sunday, too. Lovely post! I hope you enjoyed your pancakes (I forgot about making pancakes this year--yikes!).