Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A little 'Get Up and Go' Wisdom

"The thing is, whenever people - perhaps showing a slightly patronising amusement at how often I cook (and maybe it's this that irks) - claim that they never have the time to cook, it makes me feel uncharacteristically aggressive. What I want to point out is that they are hardly using the time they save by not cooking to write 'War and Peace'. I don't suggest that finding time to cook makes you a better person, but nor do I think that being "too busy" too cook means that your life automatically has a higher purpose. And I say that as one who often professes to be beyond busy but somehow finds time to slump in front of the TV watching CSI repeats for hours on end."

~ Nigella Lawson: 'Nigella Express'

I read this last night, at the beginning of Nigella's 'Get Up and Go' chapter and I wanted to cheer. I'm really enjoying watching 'Nigella Express' on ABC1 on Saturday's (6pm) for the inspiration I gain about balancing a busy family life with eating food that is tasty but not burdensome to have prepared. I try and record each episode so that I can rewatch them as often as I please, with the recipe book on my knee as I do. As I rediscovered yesterday, a hearty home-cooked meal (or snack) is as far away as a little bit of planning and a well stocked pantry.

I have a feeling a full set of Nigella's DVD's may be on any gift list I might be inclined to scribble down, not to mention more of her books!!!


belinda said...

It never fails to amuse me when people ask me how I get time to do all that I do. The look on their face when I tell them I don't have a television is priceless.

Kind Regards

Anna said...

Oooo...I do love Nigella.

Tracy said...

Love my telly...and yes, I love Nigella too :)

We had no tv for a vast era of my childhood and I really prefer to have one. But I can see it from the kitchen with the greatest of ease, so it doesn't prevent me from getting on with things.

Nolene said...

I do like Nigella and will be infront of the tv at 6 on Saturday!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I've never seen Nigella on TV, but know that I know she's on DVD, watch out! I really like her a lot, and I especially like that she's let herself put on a few pounds. I think it makes her even more beautiful.


Tracy said...

Oh Frances, you don't know what you're missing!!!! I could lose myself in endless hours of viewing if I had the DVD's!!!!